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Athens Personal Injury Lawyer, Athens GA Car Accident Attorney

If you require a seasoned Athens personal injury lawyer, Athens car accident lawyer, you will require a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Athens, Georgia who will stand by you at all stages of the legal process protecting your rights. The financial and emotional aftermath of an injury caused by the carelessness or negligence of another individual can be painful for both the victim and also their near and dear ones. Besides the immediate medical costs the victim may need rehabilitation and long term therapy while suffering from emotional trauma and having to remain away from work.

Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer can help you with your personal injury claim including car accident, truck accident, dog bite, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, motorcycle accident, wrongful death and any other personal injury claim. We understand your sufferings. Helping victims of serious injuries or wrongful death caused by the acts or negligence of another individual has been our forte for years.  Our objective is to positively change our clients’ lives by zealously safeguarding their rights and getting compensation for the injury or wrongful death. We will strive hard to get you the compensation you rightly deserve for your injuries and help you move on in life.

If you select us as your attorneys we bear the complete costs and expenses of your lawsuit. You need to pay us only if we succeed in your claim. For Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer, your case is very important. Your injury may be small but we will devote sufficient time and attention to your problems.

Our personal injury lawyer in Athens has the expertise and skills needed to ensure that you and your family get the compensation you are eligible for under Georgia law. If you are suffering from any of the following, contact us: Auto accidents Animal and Dig bites Brain Injury Drunk Driving Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Medical Malpractice Nursing Home Abuse Personal Injury Pedestrian Accident Product Liability Injuries Serious Injuries Slip and Fall Truck Accidents Wrongful Death

Are you suffering from personal injury or have you lost a near and dear one because of the acts of another person and you need an experienced Athens personal injury lawyer to protect your rights? Contact the Athens personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer. We will get you the compensation you are eligible for to under Georgia law. We are willing to fight insurance companies and large corporations.

Injuries, car accidents, and wrongful death in Athens, Georgia can happen anytime anywhere. If our Athens personal injury lawyer is representing you, we will stand by you at every step of the process. You will be treated with care and compassion. Protecting your rights is our priority.

Call us today or email us with the facts of your case. We will not charge you.  Don’t give up your rights.


The city of Athens in Georgia, is a well-known university town. The University of Georgia calls Athens its home. In line with this, it is to take note that college kids are quite the adventurous souls. Their carefree attitude can cause various kinds of personal injury cases such as premises liability, assault claims, and car accidents. Occurrences such as car accidents are difficult to handle especially without the help of a legal professional such as our Athens personal injury lawyer. It is for this reason that we have assembled our own team of accident attorneys.

How can we Help you? We help their clients by giving them advice and step-by-step instructions on where to start and what to do with the case. We can help establish liability from the other party involved in the car accident. We represent the victim and can help them get the compensation they deserve.

Sometimes accidents just happen, no matter what precautionary measures are taken. Be ready for these eventualities and have us on speed dial. We can give their clients the peace of mind they need in these dire times.

More About Road Injury in Athens, Georgia

The city of Athens in Georgia is the home of the University of Georgia. Clarke County has most of the city, but a very little part of it is in the Oconee County. One thing that can be noted about Athens aside from the fact that the University of Georgia is situated there is the maintenance they do with their roads. Most of their roads are actually paved. The total miles of Athens in terms of its roadways sums up to 572.8 miles and 563.89 of that is paved while only a small portion of 8.91 miles is not paved.

Another fact unique to Athens is that it does not have any city streets. 50.72 miles of its paved roads are state routes of Georgia while 513.17 of it are county roads of Clarke County. On the other hand, the unpaved roads are county roadways of Clarke County. This is possibly one reason why Athens has been facing a good amount of traffic, most especially on those roads declared as state roads of Georgia. But, one thing that bothers a lot of the residents of Athens would be the safety of their roads.

Accidents and Personal Injuries on the Roads of Athens There were many cases where accidents and personal injuries happen on the road of Athens. One such accident happened when an assumed drunk driver clipped a local artist who is riding her bike one evening. Another accident occurred when a certain high school student got hit when is crossing the active avenue of Milledge.

Accidents do not just happen with the aid of vehicles, sometimes they also be caused by other people themselves causing minor to major personal injuries. An accident to prove this is one that happened in the roads of Athens, where a young person was struck by a certain man who is about to leave downtown from his drinking night.

These incidents alone would suggest that it might not really be so safe to bike or even walk on the roads of Athens – no matter what time it is.

Victims of such accidents, if lucky, may come with only a few scratches or bruises. However, the truth must be faced; scratches or bruises are way gentler than what the actual injuries sustained are. Some victims may even be in a coma and worst some may have even died. If you or any close person has suffered such injuries or accidents, you must call personal injury lawyers so as to have proper compensation for the harm done.

Contact our Athens personal injury attorney or car accident lawyer now so that we can help you with your case.