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Burn Injuries

Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer

Georgia Burn Injuries

Minor burn injuries occur fairly frequently in our everyday lives.  A burn injury can occur while we are cooking, ironing or even lying in the sun. Even minor burns can be quite painful! Although when most of us think of burns, we think of an isolated part of the body such as a burned finger or sunburned face, more severe burns can involve the whole body and its systems.   The first steps in dealing with a burn injury in Georgia usually involve removing the source of the burn and cooling the area down.

More severe burn injuries can cause disfigurement, disability, scarring, potential amputation, paralysis or death. A Burn injury can be one of the most devastating injuries someone can experience.   It’s important to realize that severe burn injuries are considered to be systemic injuries.  Depending on the location of the burn injury, the victim may go through their life with a disfiguring injury that is apparent to everyone they meet.

Burn injuries also bring with them the possibility of shock, infection, organ dysfunction, electrolyte imbalance and respiratory distress.  Even after preliminary treatment of burns, there may be follow up skin grafts, scarring, trauma and emotional trauma.  In children burin injuries can be particularly traumatic.

Burns injuries can be caused by extreme heat, electricity, friction, aerosol sprays, chemicals and light.  Scalding is the most common cause of severe burns.  Especially with children in the house, it is important that water heaters be set to a temperature that will not burn skin.

Fire is obviously also a main cause of burn injuries. It’s important to keep all smoke alarms in your home in good working order.

Additionally, malfunctioning household items or defective products such as appliances, space heaters and recreational equipment can cause spontaneous fires that cause burns.

Burns have varying degrees.   A first degree burn is the most common, and resembles the burns we are most familiar with.  These are superficial and generally do not require much treatment aside from first aid at home.  A second degree burn goes deeper into tissue, while a third degree burn penetrates the entire dermis.  Severe burns need to be treated immediately by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals specially trained in dealing with burn injuries.  Special and additional concerns arise if the burn patient suffers from pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or a compromised immune system.  These conditions can make amputation or infection more likely.
It’s important to determine the cause of the burn injury immediately so that the burn can be appropriately treated and evidence preserved for any liability claims that might follow the burn injury.  Take photographs of the injuries to document them for the future.

Even when exercising extreme care and caution, burns can still occur and bring with them severe pain, suffering and need for extensive and costly follow up care.