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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Atlanta car accident lawyer: Even if you are an excellent, alert and defensive driver, accidents can happen in Georgia.  Most people say that after a car accident that the other vehicle came out of nowhere. After a car accident you can feel quite traumatized and shocked.  After making sure you have checked to make sure you and your passengers are safe, what are the next steps you should take?

Stay Calm after a Car Accident

One of the most important things to do after a car accident is to stay calm.  Take some deep breaths and become reoriented.  Turn the ignition off. Make sure you and your passenger are waiting for help in a safe place.  Check on the safety of the other driver as well if you can do so safely.

Next, hopefully you have a phone to call for help after a car accident.  Call our Georgia car accident lawyers immediately to get a fast response.  Share your location and whether there are any injuries you believe is life threatening.  Only move injured parties if you are trained in first aid.  Moving them improperly may exacerbate the injuries. You may also want to use your camera if you have one to document the scene and injuries if you can safely do so. Atlanta car accident lawyer can help resolve your injury claim.

After a car accident, if the vehicle can be moved, it’s advisable to get the vehicles onto the shoulder of the road so that further injuries and accidents are prevented.  If you have an emergency kit in your car with cones and flashers, try to set them up to alert other drivers of the impediment.  Turn on the hazard lights.

While you are waiting for responders to arrive at the scene, this might be a good time to get the other’s driver’s information and photograph their vehicle, including the license plate number.  You should also obtain the other driver’s name, address, phone contacts, driver’s license number and insurance information along with the policy number.  You will want to make sure the other driver has your information as well.  Try to be calm when dealing with the other driver even if you are upset and think that they caused the accident. Also find out if the driver of the vehicle is the owner.  Often they are not.

If you are not severely injured and if the damage to your vehicle appears to be minor, you might be tempted to want to move on with your day and try and short-circuit the reporting to law enforcement and the filing of an accident report and/or police report.  This will facilitate any insurance claims that are subsequently filed.

When you are shaken up after a car accident you might not be thinking about money and what it will cost to fix your car and deal with any injuries you may have.  Don’t agree to pay for the other driver’s damage.  You may not like the prices you are quoted for the repairs later.

Although many people might not want to alert their insurance companies after a car accident, it is usually a good idea.  The sooner you contact the insurance company, the earlier they will be able to respond.  If you wait, the insurance company may question why you waited so long to contact them and you may find the claims process more difficult.

Once the officer arrives on the scene, take note of his name and badge number.  He will probably want to speak to you and the other driver separately.  If there are other emergency responders, you may wish to get their names as well.  As you tell the officer what happened, try to limit yourself to describing the facts of the accident.  Avoid blaming yourself for it even if you think you were at fault.  Once the officer assesses the scene and takes all of the statements, he will decide who, if anyone to cite.

If you are offered medical care or transportation to the Emergency Room for a quick assessment, that is usually a good idea, whether you think your are injured or not.  You might not experience pain as a result of your accident until days or weeks afterwards and it will be valuable in proving a potential claim if you immediately get checked by a physician after the accident.

Stay calm after an accident and remember these steps if an accident happens.

Wear your seat belt, don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive.

Stay safe out there!

If you have been in an contact our Atlanta car accident lawyer for a free consultation.