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Georgia Car Accidents and Police Reports

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

In Georgia, a large number of accidents do not get recorded by the police, and it seems likely that these unrecorded accidents are much less serious on average than those that do get recorded. In Georgia, a car accident investigation begins with a police report.

Many accidents go unreported to the police and, more significantly, the incentive to report accidents to the police might vary between tort and no-fault states. In most jurisdictions, the police report is not admissible at trial.

An unpleasant surprise may await you in the police report of your accident. The investigating officer may have noted that you appear to have violated a traffic rule or that you were otherwise at fault. One way to try to counteract a bad police report is to telephone the police officer as soon after the accident as possible. Although police do not like to get involved in liability disputes between drivers, the officer who wrote an accident report will probably at least return your phone call. Politely explain that you are dealing with an insurance company on your own and that you would like to take a couple minutes of the officer’s time briefly to discuss the report. Do not try to get the officer to change the report or to say that the other person was at fault. The officer would probably prefer not to take sides, so use this to your advantage by simply asking whether the officer can say for sure who was at fault in the accident. If the officer cannot tell you who was at fault, you’ve already helped yourself. While the conversation is taking place, write down what the officer says, noting the date and time of the call. Later, in your negotiation with the insurance company, if the adjuster mentions the police report, you can say that you have spoken with the reporting police officer and that the officer has specifically declined to state who was at fault. You have now accomplished two things: You have neutralized the bad police report, and you have made the insurance company realize that it is dealing with an organized, resourceful claimant who will not disappear easily without a fair settlement.

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