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How to Handle a Georgia Car Accident Injury

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Georgia Auto Injury Attorney

In determining your compensation for injuries from a car accident, an insurance adjuster will likely look at the condition of the cars involved to help gauge the extent of your injuries. This can help or hurt your claim.

If the car in which you were driving or riding was badly smashed, that supports the idea that your injuries were severe and painful. If you have photographs of the badly damaged car, include them with your demand letter and refer to them during your settlement negotiations. Either the size of the repair bill or the fact that the vehicle was totaled can support your claim of painful injuries. On the other hand, if there is little or no damage to the car you were in, you will have a more difficult time convincing an adjuster that your injuries deserve much compensation. Particularly if the lack of damage is combined with soft tissue injury only, and your treatment consisted only of physical therapy or chiropractic care, an adjuster may well refuse to pay anything other than your medical bills. If you run into this stone wall with an adjuster, your best bet may be small claims court, where a judge is at least likely to award you a small amount of compensation if it is clear that the accident was not your fault.

The seriousness of your injuries, and therefore the amount of compensation you receive, is determined by:

• the exact nature of the injuries

• the amount and type of your medical treatment

• how long your recovery takes, and

• whether you have any residual or permanent pain or disability.

For most injuries, it is impossible to know fully what any of these elements will be until weeks or months after the accident, when treatment has ended and the injuries have healed. If you attempt to settle your claim too early, you may be figuring your compensation based on incomplete information—and you may seriously undervalue your claim. You may be faced with an urgent need to pay medical bills and to make up for lost income. Therefore you may be tempted to accept an insurance adjuster’s attempts to get you to jump at an early offer. But if possible, resist the temptation to settle early. In the long run, you will learn what your claim is truly worth and then be able to collect the full and appropriate amount from the insurance company.

You can establish your pain and suffering by document them.

• If you are under a doctor’s care, make sure the doctor notes it in your medical record.

• Ask for medication for your pain and discomfort if you need it.

• Schedule a time to see your doctor.

• Keep a record of the daily activities you are having trouble performing because of your injuries.

• Photograph your injuries.

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