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Cerebral Palsy: When Can I Sue?

Atlanta Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Georgia Cerebral Palsy Attorney

A good majority of the cases that are handled by an Atlanta cerebral palsy lawyer are for infants. According to a number of cerebral palsy lawyers, as a heads up to all those expecting mothers who are going to have their newborn handled by the hospital staff – who, if they make mistakes, may leave your newborn with a serious debilitating mental condition.

What is a cerebral palsy and what are the causes? Cerebral palsy is a condition makes it progressively impossible for you to use your cognitive skills and can also affect the function of your nervous system. This makes it much harder for the affected person to walk or engage in any other life activities by themselves.

Cerebral palsy may be caused by abnormalities in the brain or injuries such as head injury and bleeding in the brain. It may also be caused by infections in the brain including herpes simplex infections, meningitis, and encephalitis. Atlanta GA cerebral palsy Attorney Can I sue if my child acquires cerebral palsy? • A cerebral palsy lawyer says, “Yes, you can sue!” if… You have rock solid proof that your child’s cerebral palsy is brought about by the carelessness of a medical personnel. Though some of the causes of cerebral palsy may be natural, some may also be accidentally or negligently caused by some medical personnel handling your infant child. In this case, a cerebral palsy lawyer would advise you to go and file a case so you may be properly compensated for this debilitating condition. A cerebral palsy lawyer will not be able to cure your child, but he or she can help in serving justice to those who have wronged your child.

• A cerebral palsy lawyer says, “Yes, you can sue!” if… Your child has been misdiagnosed. For instance, your pediatrician says that your child is in tip top shape even in the presence of the symptoms of cerebral palsy. If you later find out that your child does have cerebral palsy and it was not diagnosed accordingly, you can go file a case against the pediatrician who misdiagnosed. Your cerebral palsy lawyer will then help you find for proof that a misdiagnosing really happened. You can both have your child’s medical files cross checked. You can also compare dates as to when the child was misdiagnosed versus when the child was diagnosed right. With proper and solid proof, your cerebral palsy lawyer can win the case for you. Atlanta GA cerebral palsy attorney

• A cerebral palsy lawyer says, “Yes, you can sue!” if… Your child is mistreated. If your child is already diagnosed with cerebral palsy, one must know that there is no cure for this condition. However, it should also be known that symptoms can be cured and a treatment to help the patient be as independent as possible can still be done. If the pediatrician or treating physician has not provided proper treatment, then you can alert your cerebral palsy lawyer about it so he or she can do what is necessary. You will again need medical files proving the mistreatment that happened. This will help your cerebral palsy lawyer to properly manage the case in your stead.

A cerebral palsy lawyer is truly helpful especially if you are looking for just compensation for any mishandling, misdiagnosis, mistreatment that you or your child has received regarding his or her cerebral palsy condition. A cerebral palsy lawyer is an expert in these cases and can help you win your battle.

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