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Georgia Day Care Accident Attorney, Atlanta Child Care Injury Lawyer

Atlanta Child Care Injury Lawyer

Georgia Day Care Injury Attorney

If you’re a parent one of the things you worry about is choosing among various child care facilities.  Your expectation is that your child will be safe and protected by the child care provider you select.  You depend on the child care facility to nurture and promote your child’s development.  After all, many kids spend more time in child care than they do in their own homes? Atlanta child accident attorney.

Fortunately, most injuries that occur at child care facilities are usually minor-skinned knees, bumps or bruises. These are injuries that can occur in every child’s life, even with the best of supervision.

Child care facilities are governed by state and local laws and regulations.  They all are required to meet minimum standards for things such as cleanliness, student-to-teacher ratios and safety. These legal, regulatory and licensure provisions are designed to help assure that child care facilities are safe for children.  However, inspections by state and local inspections may occur only annually, or even less often, depending on available resources.  Additionally, regulatory violations may not be immediately protected and enforced.

As a parent trying to locate safe and appropriate child care facilities, here are some things to look for when selecting a child care facility:

1.  Ask to see the facilities policies and procedures.  Do all new staff receive the policies and procedures and are they trained on them immediately?  Are the policies and procedures actually followed?

2.  For facilities offering care for infants, make sure that the cribs do NOT have drop sides.  Are infants placed on their backs to sleep?

3.  If food is coming in from an outside vendor, where is the food coming from and has that vendor passed food safety inspections?  If food is served or prepared on site, are those areas clean with adequate refrigeration and sinks?

4.  What is the student/teacher ratio?

5.  Does the playground equipment look safe and well maintained?  Is there an adequate resilient surface in the playground?  How many adults are watching kids on the playground?  One in five playground injuries is attributable to falls from playground equipment.  Additionally, more than half of the fractures at child care facilities are caused by those same falls!

6.  What security measures are in place at the school?  Is the front door secured?  What are the pick-up and drop-off procedures?  What emergency procedures are in place?  Is there a lockdown process?  Are drills conducted?  If so, how often?

7.  Are staff trained in first aid?

8.  Is every staff member background screened prior to hire?

9.  What is the process for dealing with kids who bite or injure other children?

10.  Do not discount your sense of smell!  Even if there are infants and toddlers in diapers there, the facility should smell fresh and clean!

We trust child care facilities with our most precious family members.  Nothing is worse than getting a call at work that your child has been injured at school!  Asking the right questions and taking a hard look at your child care facility will minimize your child’s chances of severe injury!

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