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Tips on Preventing Electrical Accidents and Electrocution Injuries

Atlanta Electrical Burn Injury Lawyer

Georgia Electrocution Accident Injury Attorney

Electrical accident like electrocution injury is an incident resulting from negligence and laxity in following rules that should be followed when dealing with electricity. Here are some of the causes that may lead to an electrical accident:

• Forgetting to turn off or lose electricity flow during upholding, fixing or checking up on electrical appliances or equipment. • Making use of faulty or defective tools while making repairs or checking electrical items. • Restructuring 3-plug cord and making it into 2-plug one. • Not removing the plug of an equipment or appliance while transferring it. Atlanta Electrical Burn Injury Lawyer

These are not just the causes of a possible electrocution injury encountered in an electrical accident. Some causes may come from the usage of faulty equipment and wrong areas or placement of electric or energy flowed materials. These may include wobbly links, damaged filling, improper foundation, re-inventing home connectors or extension and using it, malfunctioning parts, and unguarded live parts like nude conductors.

Safety precautions must always be considered to prevent an electrical accident like electrocution injury. Here are some of the tips that may be considered to prevent an electrical accident like electrocution injury from happening:

1. Inspect cords and plugs regularly. Broken cords may be accidentally touched and may cause electrocution injury. 2. Do not use extensions for long terms especially those that you have just restructured to avoid any electrical accident. 3. Do not use any electric conducted device that flickers, burn, whines, produce a burning smell or those that has damages in cord or plugs. 4. Never activate and drive any electric appliance while footing in water. 5. Always wear slippers while plugging or activating any electric powered materials or appliances. 6. Do not place electrical items in water exposed areas. 7. Do not overload circuits. 8. Have a circuit breaker installed in the house. 9. Have a weekly scheduled maintenance on electric lines. 10. Do inspect your appliances on a regular basis to check for possible cord breaks or damages that may cause electrocution injury. 11. Do not wait for days to pass, if there are faulty lines discovered have them repaired by electricians the soonest time possible to avoid any electrical accident from happening. Atlanta Electrical Burn Injury Lawyer 12. Do not make repairs on your own, have a specialist to do it. 13. When leaving the house, make sure to have everything unplugged or to make it even wiser and safer, turn the breakers off. 14. And lastly, never touch lines with wet hands. This is one common cause of electrocution injury on the list of electrical accident causes as many people plug and unplug hair dryers or other electrical gadgets after washing and when their hands are not even dried out.

An electrical accident like an electrocution injury may be prevented as long as you and your family members strictly adhere to the do’s and Don’ts when it comes to dealing with electricity. Electricity if one of mankind’s best friends as it powers most of the things that make our lives easier. However, it can also be one of our worst nightmares when handled without caution.

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