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Tips on What to do after a Serious Car Accident

Georgia Serious Car Accident Attorneys

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Tips on What to do after a Serious Car Accident

Overwhelmed and confused after a serious car accident? It is understandable that you may feel stunned after this unfortunate event. If you feel lost and unsure, here are some tips that you can use if you are wondering what to do after being in a serious car accident. Call the Atlanta serious car accident lawyer at Zeribe Law Offices, for a free consultation.

  • Safety is the top priority.

Before anything else, you should check if everyone is in a safe condition. You should make sure that no one is injured from your party and from the other party involved. If there are injuries, no matter how small it is, call the paramedics. If there are no injuries and the accident is just a minor one, you can move the vehicles involved on the side of the road so you may not obstruct traffic. If there are major damages done or serious injuries incurred, do not move the vehicles involved aside. Just wait for the police to reach the area. If you are unsure about who is responsible for the accident, it is also best to leave the vehicles as is so the police may be able to investigate the case and resolve what happened. It is also advisable that you stay on your vehicle if you are injured.

  • Ask assistance from the police.

The police will help you investigate the case further as well as point who is liable for the serious car accident that happened. If you will be calling the police from a phone, make sure to note down the name of the officer you spoke with as well as the report number.

  • Make an exchange of information.

At this point all relevant information about the serious car accident is vital. It would be useful to make an exchange information with the other party involved. Note down the name, address, phone number, insurance company provider, insurance policy number, and license number of the other party’s number. Do not forget to note down their vehicle’s plate number as well. You may also write a description of the other vehicle as well as its model, color, make and the damages it incurred. Call the Atlanta serious car accident lawyer at Zeribe Law Offices, for a free consultation.

  • Look for witnesses as early as possible.

Immediately look for witnesses. As much as possible, get their name and address or other contact information for reference. You may also ask them to stay behind so they may be able to give their statements about the case to the investigating police officer. However, if the witnesses need to go, ask for their contact details so they may be interviewed later on.

  • Take pictures and make your own record of information and data about the incident.

Pictures are also good evidence. Photograph the scene of the accident and take pictures of the damages that both vehicles received. If you can include the plate number of the vehicles while taking pictures. If you also can, take pictures of the other driver or the passengers involved. Personally record and note vital information relevant to the serious car accident. Write down details of the accident as you recall them. Try to remember things like weather, lighting conditions, and the likes.

  • Notify your insurance provider or call a lawyer for your serious car accident claim.

Notifying your insurance provider will be a good move to make, but if you are planning on hiring a lawyer for this case, it would be best to call him or her first to discuss the details of the issue.

Call the Atlanta serious car accident lawyer at Zeribe Law Offices, for a free consultation.