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Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Georgia Walking Injury Attorney

Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Georgia Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

When you’re driving in Georgia and see a pedestrian, do you know what to do?

You know you shouldn’t run them over, but what does the law actually say in Georgia about a driver’s obligations to watch out for pedestrians?

Maybe walking is your primary mode of transportation.

How many close calls have you had out walking around? Or maybe you’ve already been hurt by a vehicle when you were traveling as a pedestrian. Chances are if you’re a pedestrian and come in contact with a car, you’re going to be seriously injured.   What are your legal obligations in Georgia when you use pedestrian thoroughfares?

In Georgia, Drivers Must “Stop and Stay” For Pedestrians

Most drivers are taught to yield to pedestrians.  This is always advisable, of course.  However, Georgia law requires more of its drivers when it comes to protecting pedestrians.  

In 1995, Georgia passed a law that said that drivers encountering pedestrians in Georgia have to do more than just yield.  They have to stop immediately.  Then they must stay put.  In Georgia, this is commonly referred to as “stop and stay.”


Specifically, in Georgia, drivers have to  stop and stay  stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road in  crosswalk when the pedestrian is in the part of the road where the car is traveling, or when the pedestrianis walking and is within one lane of the part of the road where the vehicle is traveling or  turning.  “Half of the roadway” means all traffic lanes with traffic in one direction of travel.

In Georgia, Pedestrians Have Some Legal Requirements Too

In Georgia, pedestrians must also exercise some common sense! Georgia law tells  pedestrians they can’t  suddenly leaving a curb or other safe place and walk or run in front of a car when the car has traveled to the point where the driver cannot practically stop or yield.

Also,  Georgia pedestrianscannot permit cross intersections at any place except in a marked crosswalk. However, “jaywalking” is not a legal term and does not appear in the Georgia Code.

Georgia law also tells pedestrians how to interpret special pedestrian-control signals.

These are those familiar flashing, and in some cases beeping signs that say WALK or DON’T WALK.

Georgia law codifies how pedestrians are to interpret those signs.


(1) If the sign illuminates a solid Word or symbol message that indicates “WALK” Pedestrianscan cross in the direction of the signal. Drivers have to stop and stay stopped for these pedestrians; and

(2) If the sign is flashing “walk” or steady DON’T WALK pedestrians are supposed to stay put and not start crossing.  If the sign starts flashing while the pedestrian is walking, they should go as quickly as possible across the roadway or proceed to a safety island in a large roadway.


Tips for Georgia Pedestrians and Drivers

1.  Whether driving or walking, travelers in Georgia should be paying attention to the road or sidewalk in front of them and should not be eating, talking on the phone, updating a Facebook status or tweeting.  It can only take a second or two of distraction to produce a tragedy or serious injury.

2.  Refrain from walking or driving when impaired by drugs and alcohol.  These can slow your response time and cloud judgment.

3.  Pedestrians driving at night should consider wearing reflective clothing or carrying flashlights.  Drivers driving at night need to be extra cautious for pedestrians.  Most pedestrian fatalities occur after dark.

4.  Drivers and pedestrians should exercise particular caution at intersections where turning right on red is permitted.  Drivers should make sure there are no pedestrians present before turning right on red.  Likewise, pedestrians should look out for drivers turning right on red, even when they have a “walk” signal.

5.  Drivers and pedestrians should be mindful of the other.

6. Be observant of and alert at crosswalks!  When pedestrians are in crosswalks, they have the right of way over motor vehicles.  Do not block crosswalks.  When stopping at red lights or stop signs, always stop your vehicle before the crosswalk so pedestrians can cross safely.  Pedestrians should avoid entering the crosswalk if they believe they will insufficient time to cross the intersection.

By familiarizing themselves with Georgia law about pedestrians, all travelers can remain safe and injury-free on Georgia roads.

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