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Personal Injury Cases – Atlanta GA Personal Injury Lawyers

The Atlanta Personal injury lawyer – Marietta personal injury lawyer at Zeribe Law Offices will tell you that  personal injury is a term used to name an injury either physical or psychological, which resulted from an accident or by negligence of another individual, be it intentional or not. There are different types of personal injury per se, it could be accidents at work or at home, product defect accidents, road traffic accidents, or holiday accidents. Personal injury also covers medical and dental accidents, which are commonly caused by negligence or carelessness on the part of the medical specialist or medical institution. Perhaps, the increasing number of medical negligence’ cases is common all over the world.

Serious Personal Injury

A personal injury, when regarded as “serious”, can be raised up in court, if not settled by the parties involved. This may be settled however, by giving a monetary compensation, if the injured party allows to as agreed through negotiation with the party who caused the personal injury or by a judgment in court. Serious personal injury refers to an intense suffering by a person such as brain damage, broken bones, or lifetime fracture. Atlanta Personal injury lawyer – Marietta personal injury lawyer

Personal Injury: Special and General Damages

Damages done on the injured party could be categorized into special or general. Special damages refer to the costs incurred, which can be itemized and calculated/measured. Such damages refer to those physically seen such as property damages, lost earnings, and medical expenses. General damages refer to the things unseen physically, but emotionally felt by an individual. Those costs are surely hard to quantify since it has no value by nature. It includes pain and sufferings, loss of consortium, emotional distress, lifetime disabilities, and even death.

Effects of Personal Injury

There are various side effects of a certain personal injury experienced. A person may suffer deep pain in the first place, but may still be able to recover later on. However, what if the consequence of having that injury will let you suffer for a lifetime? A specific case is when a game player was injured and had a significant fracture of the bones. He may not be able to play the game again. In this case, the injured party will also have lifetime compensation. This claim still falls for pain and sufferings, loss of amenity, and lifetime disabilities.

Personal injury is regarded as one of the severe cases reported each year. It is constantly increasing in number. Though this is the case, it should be diminished, if not, lessen. It is better to be safe than be in a trial as the injured party or the party who caused injury. Nonetheless, personal injury is everybody’s responsibility.

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