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Premises Liability

Atlanta Premises Liability Lawyer

Georgia Premises Liability Attorney

A broad area of incidents in which an individual is physically inured requires the assistance of a premises liability lawyer. Those incidents range from issues of negligent safety to negligent security, assault to slip and fall, kidnapping, homicide, sexual assault, and other related occurrences in which the injured party, he or she who has been wronged through the intentional or non-intentional fault of the premises owning or managing organization, business, or other entity, provide the basis for the injured party to bring suit to rectify the tort (wrong) done to him or her.

The tort liability attorney specializes in helping you to become once again whole. His or her knowledge of the steps necessary to help you begin and successfully finalize an action against the party or parties at fault is necessary when you have been injured, physically or psychologically, or both.

The premises liability lawyer manages the case, He or she will attempt to bring about a beneficial resolution through the development of your case facts which will prompt the defendant to offer a fair and equitable settlement for the damages suffered by the plaintiff, the complainant in the litigation, or, if the settlement is not reached, then the premises liability attorney will proceed to try the case in court.

The premises liability lawyer has one major task, and that is to show that there is sufficient causation to establish the plaintiff’s case. He or she will attempt to show, that based upon a variety of facts, the defendant failed to provide adequate security (in the case of injury caused by a physical confrontation) to prevent the incident, or that the premises holder or manager was negligent in providing a reasonable safe premises, either inside or outside of the premises.

Slip and fall cases or good example of incidents in which the premises liability attorney knowledge and ability is important. A person who walks along a hallway and suddenly slips, falls, and injures himself, or when walking in a parking lot and trips over a crack in the ground, may or may not have a cause of action against the premises owner or manager. The injured party’s attorney has the knowledge which enables him or her to evaluate the incident, and, if there is belief that there may be a strong causation issue, investigates the incident prior to filing a complaint for the injured party, who, at that time, is a potential plaintiff.

The premises liability attorney understands the laws concerning liability in the jurisdiction in which the instant matter may be tried. An example of this need to know is dram shop litigation, where in some cities or states, the ability to bring a legal suit against a tavern or bar is based upon training received by that business’s employees, while in other cities or states, a similar incident will not be able to be brought as a dram shop case. The liability attorney’s knowledge of the laws, and the explanation of the same, is important to the client.