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Slip and Fall

Atlanta Slip and Fall lawyer

Georgia Trip and Fall Attorneys

Slip and Fall Liability in Georgia

Atlanta Slip and Fall lawyer: When businesses open to the public, they undertake an accompanying duty to keep customers safe.  This means that they promptly clean up spills and remedy hazardous conditions.  Slip and fall cases are typically classified as premises liability cases, because when a business controls a location, they are liable to customers if they sustain injury.  When you enter a business to buy a product or a service, you become what is called a “business invitee.”

We know that slip and fall  or trip and fall claims are a common cause of injury to people who are just trying to shop for groceries, attend a live event or eat at a restaurant.  For example, a common injury at supermarkets, restaurants and malls is slipping and falling on a spilled food product at the store that has not been quickly cleaned up.  In another example, a jury in Georgia awarded a woman damages when she slipped and fell over a “wet floor” sign! Atlanta Slip and Fall lawyer

Likewise, if a store has an elevator or elevator, they have an obligation to maintain it so that it safe for customers.

Large chain stores often have risk management policies and procedures in place to cut down on the number of slip and fall accidents.  They might even have a risk or safety manager on site.

If you slip and fall down at a chain store, the store most likely will do an incident report and try to assess your injuries.  They might try and have you sign a statement or agree to be compensated in a particular way.  You should think carefully before signing such a document and consult an attorney before signing since these documents can later serve as barrier to a successful lawsuit.

Although a business may agree to pay for medical treatment associated with the slip and fall, they might not agree to pay for lost wages, pain and suffering and subsequent necessary medical treatment.

Additionally, if you fall at someone’s residence, the homeowner’s insurance policy may cover your treatment and follow up care.  Again, you should not sign statements or waivers  prior to consulting an attorney.

Business owners should consider the nature of their business and their type of customer when they are choosing flooring surfaces and should keep the floor in good repair.  Also, slip resistant mats at entrances and use of protecting coatings and treatments can cut down on the risks of injury.

Businesses owe it to their customers to promote a culture of safety when they invite the public into their stores. Call our  Atlanta Slip and Fall lawyer today.