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Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Georgia Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents can be devastating.

We’ve all been on the road and been passed or tailgated by a speeding semi truck, tractor trailer or 18-wheeler.  At these times we can feel vulnerable.

Like drivers of passenger vehicles, truck drivers can be distracted by such things as cell phones or excessive fatigue.  They can also make the potentially lethal decision to drive when impaired by drugs or alcohol.

However, there has been both a state and federal effort to reduce the number of severe trucking accidents.

There is a federal agency devoted to guiding policy and legislation that affect motor carriers. This includes trucks.  This agency is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The FMCSA is tasked with drafting and enacting rules and regulations protect the safety of the nation’s road system and all of its travelers.  There are specific rules covering such things as additionally, the Federal Department of Transportation has rules and regulations setting forth requirements for transporting hazardous materials.  Georgia’s Department of Transportation works closely with the Federal Department of Transportation to coordinate efforts impacting interstates and other highways in Georgia.

The law requires that a truck driver have his or her license in their home state.  To be licensed, truckers must demonstrate that they are knowledgeable of all applicable rules and regulations.  Truckers carrying hazardous materials must have additional training and licensure.  Truckers must also pass physical examinations before being licensed.

Federal and Georgia law also requires the following:

  1.  That drivers not be impaired when driving.
  2. That they not have alcohol or drugs in the truck, unless that is what they are transporting.
  3. Truck cargo must be appropriately secured.
  4. Truck drivers must keep adequate written records or logs of how much time they spend behind the wheel.
  5. Truck drivers must take rest breaks and not drive more than 11 hours in one workday of 14 hours.  The rest must be for at least 10 hours before resuming work.
  6. Trucks must display their DOT numbers and any other licensure required by state or federal law.  This includes special numbers for trucks carrying hazardous materials.

One thing to be immediately aware of if you are involved in an accident with a truck is that you should consult an attorney right away.  You may be entitled to recover you or a loved one’s current and future medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.   State law governs the time you have to file a lawsuit so act quickly to preserve your rights and drive safely and cautiously around trucks.


Accidents Involving Trucks cab be Quite Traumatic

An automobile accident with a tractor trailer, truck, 18 wheeler or semi-truck can be one of the most traumatic experiences any driver can experience. In most cases these types of incidents cause the driver of the automobile being severely hurt or even killed. It’s sad to say, but these forms of accidents are a major commonality on our interstates and roads today. Unfortunately, it is a common notion that accidents of this nature will usually result in proportionately higher numbers of severe injuries as well as wrongful deaths.

Atlanta Georgia truck accident lawyers know that injuries that transpire from automobile accidents involving tractor trailers, trucks and 18 wheelers result in major financial losses for the parties involved, along with their families. The permanent and debilitating injuries incurred can be detrimental. How reassuring is it to know that by law injured victim has the right to retain his or her damages from whoever is responsible. It would be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney in this case.

Damages include loss wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses, as well as other losses. Victims are also essentially entitled to retain compensation for the pain and suffering they endure because of their injuries or plan of treatment. Spousal support may be available if the injured person as well. Although monetary retribution cannot reduce the amount emotional and physical damage one can endure from an accident or personal injury of this sort, however it can ease the financial hardships associated with the accident itself. Atlanta trucking accident lawyer

The insurance companies as well as the trucking company will begin to investigate immediately. Insurance companies will try their best to try and limit the amount of compensation due to the injured victim to the least amount possible. In addition to this, insurance companies are equipped with elaborate and specific procedures geared toward handling automobile accident claims, particularly in early stages of the incident.

Recorded statements will be taken from all involved in the car accident. The vehicles involved would be examined, photographs would be taken, and police reports would be obtained in order to assess the degree of injuries suffered from the accident. Insurance companies usually can efficiently achieve all of this documentation the first week after the accident, and sometimes even after the first 48 hours.

Insurance companies will vary in their approach or tactics; however it is highly common for insurance companies want to achieve a quick and speedy settlement. The purpose for this is to escape the future responsibilities for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages that may arise. These are all traps that injury victims should try their best to avoid. Injuries that are incurred from an auto accident often take weeks or even months to fully assess.

Even after corrective surgery, injuries can leave the victim permanently disabled. Because of this, an accurate value of a compensation claim can be determined only after a doctor of physician can fully determine a prognosis. In Georgia, you are allotted a two year period of time to file a personal injury lawsuit claim. Because of this fact alone, one should not be quick to settle with insurance companies or the trucking companies. In most cases this would result in regret as injuries can worsen over time.

People who are injured in car accident involving a tractor trailer, truck, semi-truck, or 18wheeler can have significant issues that develop. For example, when health insurance companies pay for medical bills, often times they will seek reimbursement as a result of your insurance settlement. The right to acquire such settlements involves significant limitations.

In addition to this, if you were injured while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance companies will use payments for lost wages and medical expenses as a way to seek reimbursements. As stated before, there are various limitations on the insurance company’s right to receive these funds. All of these notions are extremely importantly to reconcile prior to entering into any binding agreement or settlement with insurance companies or trucking companies.

By law, companies operating tractor trailers, trucks, semi-trucks, and 18 wheelers must have a substantial amount of insurance coverage. In Georgia, it is required that these companies carry liability coverage of $100,000 per person and $300,000 or $500,000 per accident. A lot of the time these types of insurance limitations are insufficient, and victims often find themselves having to explore alternative options for compensation.  speak with our Atlanta truck injury attorney.

Another not familiar fact is that sometimes unknown entities of persons may also be held liable for the automobile accident. In example, if there was defectiveness found in the street or traffic light, a governmental agency may be also held liable. Outside of this, your own insurance company may be able to provide you with additional coverage for your injuries.

Determining an appropriate value for an accident claim involving a truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or semi-truck can be very complicated. You need the expertise of a Georgia truck accident lawyer . The nature and extent of the injury, along with liability issues related to the accident, and economic losses all must be accurately assessed. You must also take into consideration the location where the trial will take place, as well as if there are any prior personal injury suffered by the claimant.

Insurance companies and trucking companies have an ample amount of experience when it comes to evaluating personal injury claims as a result of automobile accidents. Because of this, they will aim to seek the lowest compensation amount possible. Because of this fact alone, it is extremely important to have an attorney or lawyer with a great amount of experience in order to represent yourself in situations like these. Your Atlanta accident attorney  should be able and willing to institute litigation efficiently on your behalf if the insurance agency is unwilling to settle for a fair claim amount.

Contact our Atlanta truck accident lawyer today.