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Wrongful Death

Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer

Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a loved is one of the most hard and difficult experiences one could go through. If the loss was unexpected or sudden, it only makes the experience even harder to reconcile. It can be equally difficult when facing the need to pursue a legal claim against a company or person who is responsible for that death. Step number on should be determining the absolute right choice for an attorney to assist in this matter. Georgia has many attorney’s. However, finding the right one to suit your needs can be a task. You need an attorney who is competent in their work, and one who you can trust all the way.

Only certain individuals in Georgia are entitled to losses of a loved one. Usually when the deceased is an adult, his or her children and/or spouse can obtain those legal rights when a loved one has passed due to an act of intention or act of negligence. It is a requirement that the spouse share some of the proceeds with the children of the deceased if wrongful death is determined. If death of a minor is the case, recovery rights are with the parent of the child. If the deceased did not have children, parents or a spouse the right to file a wrongful death claim would be determined by the estate of the deceased.

According to Georgia law, the “Full value” would not be limited to items having monetary value like a lost watch. It instead applies to items that are intangible or items where value cannot be quantified precisely.

When placing a claim for wrongful death, pain and suffering compensation may be granted if appropriate. Depending on circumstance losses like funeral and medical expenses may be given; and a claim for punitive damages may be filed.

The estate of the deceased also has a right to retain compensation for pain and suffering. These types of compensation would be for medical expenses, funeral expenses, etc. Punitive damages may also be claimed under certain circumstances.

Deciding on a fair amount of compensation for claims of wrongful death can be very difficult and complicated. How the person died, issues with liability, and financial losses that may able to be recovered all play a major factor. Where the trial would be commenced, and health issues of the deceased all need to be taken into consideration when processing a claim for wrongful death. Here, we use our years of experience paired with many other resources to efficiently evaluate all of our client cases.

Many insurance companies have a long extensive history and are experienced in evaluating claims for wrongful death. It is because of this reason that these same companies will want to agree on the smallest settlement amount. This is why it is imperative that you have a seasoned experienced law firm on your side to represent your case. A firm that handles cases of this nature on a regular basis is key when going up against bigger insurance companies. They will not want to compensate your claim fairly.

I apologize for your loss that has brought you to this section of this website. If we can help assist in any way, and you want to speak with an experienced lawyer about your case without any charge, please do not hesitate to call.