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Chamblee Personal Injury Lawyer, Chamblee GA, Car Accident Attorney


If you are looking for a seasoned Chamblee personal injury lawyer, you will need a skilled personal injury lawyer in Chamblee, Georgia who will stand by your at all times and protect your interests. The victim and their family have to bear the painful aftermath of an injury that is the result of another person’s negligence or carelessness. Other than the immediate medical expenses, victims may require long term therapy and rehabilitation, not to mention the mental stress and being unable to attend work.

Contact Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer for help with any serious personal injury claim such as motorcycle accident, nursing home neglect, wrongful death, medical malpractice, truck accident, car accident, dog bite and any other personal injury claim. Your feelings are important to us. We specialize in assisting victims of serious injuries or wrongful death caused by the negligence and omissions of others. Our objective is to positively impact our clients’ lives by zealously safeguarding their rights and getting compensation for the injury or wrongful death. We will strive hard to get you the compensation you rightly deserve for your injuries and help you move on in life.

If you select us as your lawyers we pay the complete costs and expenses of your claim. You don’t have to pay us if we do not succeed in your case. For Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer, your claim is very important. Your injury may be small but we will devote sufficient time and attention to your problems.

Our personal injury lawyer in Chamblee has the expertise and skills required to ensure that you and your family get the compensation you are entitled to under Georgia law. Contact:

Auto accidents

Animal and Dog bites

Brain Injury

Drunk Driving Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse

Personal Injury

Pedestrian Accident

Product Liability Injuries

Serious Injuries

Slip and Fall

Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death

Are you suffering from personal injury or have you lost a near and dear one due to the acts of another person and you need an experienced Chamblee personal injury lawyer to safeguard your rights? Contact the Chamblee personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer. We will get you the compensation you are eligible for to under Georgia law. Insurance companies and large companies do not frightene us.

Wrongful death, injuries and car accidents in Chamblee, Georgia are unpredictable. It can occur anytime. When our Chamblee personal injury lawyer is handling your case, you can rest assured that we will be by your side at all times during the process. You will be treated with care and compassion. We have the expertise needed to zealously protect your rights.

Call us today or email us with the facts of your case. It does not cost to contact us with your case. Don’t loose out on the compensation you rightly deserve.


Chamblee is one of the cities found in DeKalb County in Georgia. It has a small population of less than 10,000 residents. The city of Chamblee is founded in the August 1908 through the legislature of Georgia and before 1907, the name of Chamblee City is Roswell Junction. Come 1907, it was changed to Chamblee, which was believed to be the last name of the railroad worker of African American decent. Initially, Chamblee is a key transportation route.

This being said, car crashes are just one of the many possible types of road accidents that can happen in Chamblee. If you are involved in a car accident, what should you do?
If you are not badly wounded, get up and check the situation of the other party. If you are wounded gravely, ask for help and do not attempt to move as you may have broken bones.
If you can, take some pictures of the crash. Take a picture of the other car as well as yours. Take images of the plate number of the other car or at least take note of it.
Do not attempt to move the crashed vehicles and wait for the officers to arrive.
Relay what happened to them in detail once they arrive. Do not leave any details. If you can give them a copy of the information that you have gathered do so, but always keep your own personal copy especially the images.
Get help from a car accident lawyer for further assistance. The Chamblee personal injury attorney – Chamblee car accident lawyer at Zeribe Law Firm can assist you with your claims.

Car accident lawyers know what the best thing that you should do is, in case you are involved in a car accident. An experienced car accident lawyer has handled many similar cases and would know exactly what steps to take in order to prove your innocence as well as get the proper compensation for the injury that you have acquired because of the accident.

Call our Chamblee personal injury attorney today, for a free consultation