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Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer, Lawrenceville GA, Car Accident Attorney

Do you require a skilled Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer, Lawrenceville car accident lawyer, you are going to need a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA that can be by you at all stages of the legal process protecting your interests.

The seriously injured client and their family members have to bear the painful aftermath of the injury this is caused by another individual’s fault or carelessness. Beyond the immediate health-related costs, individuals can potentially need continued treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the emotional strains of remaining unable to attend work.

Our offices fully understand your feelings. We in helping victims of serious injuries or wrongful death caused by the acts and omissions of others. We seek to positively affect the lives of our clients by zealously protecting their interests and getting them the compensation they rightly deserve. We’ll endeavor to get you the compensation you rightly deserve for your pain and help you move on in life.

Our Lawrenceville Georgia personal injury lawyer has the experience, resources and knowledge required to assist you and your family get the payment you rightly deserve under Georgia law. If you are suffering from any of the following, contact us:

Auto accidents

Animal and Dog bites

Brain Injury

Drunk Driving Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse

Personal Injury

Pedestrian Accident

Product Liability Injuries

Serious Injuries

Slip and Fall

Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death

Once choose us as your attorneys, all expenses and costs associated with your claim are going to be paid by us. You don’t have to pay us if we do not succeed in your lawsuit. Zeb Personal Injury Lawyer will provide sincere attention to your claim. Irregardless of your issues, we will give all the necessary time and effort for your claim.

Injuries, car accidents, and wrongful death in Lawrenceville, Georgia can happen without any advance warning. If our Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer – Lawrenceville car accident lawyer is representing you, we will stand by you at each step of the process. You will be treated with respect.

Please feel free to contact or perhaps email us with the specifics of your current circumstance. Even when you are unclear if you’ve got a case, or if perhaps you suspect you may be to a certain extent accountable for your injuries or maybe auto accident, it wouldn’t hurt to speak with a legal professional. It is also possible that you’ve got the right to ask for damage claims that you simply didn’t even know was appropriate under your circumstances.

Go ahead and email us anytime!


Lawrenceville is the second oldest city in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, and the county seat of Gwinnett Count, Georgia. About 30,000 people reside in Lawrenceville. If you come to Lawrenceville, you will see historically significant buildings downtown such as The Gwinnett Historic Courthouse and Lawrenceville Female Seminary.

We have “the experience”. If you wish to have your personal injury claim handled carefully, you should look for a lawyer with the right amount of experience in personal injury cases. Our experience comes from decades of case handling!

We can obtain the compensation you deserve. As your rights are defended by our experienced Lawrenceville personal injury attorney, you should obtain the most for our claim from the offender, based on the law, and not based on some insurance company’s ability to adjust a case. A car crash that caused a personal injury in Lawrenceville, Georgia will not be a problem for the future if you get the right amount of financial support and other assistance as provided by law.

We are knowledgeable about the cases we can handle for you. Here on your site, we have provided listings of cases we can competently handle for you, such as: auto accident, medical malpractice, premises liability, and the like.

Car Accidents Continue to Happen in Lawrenceville

Even if there are superb methods or advances to promote vehicle safety, the occurrence of car accidents continues to happen and they do in a very alarming proportion. There are millions of car accidents happening across the United States every year. This goes the same in Lawrenceville. There are more than 30,000 fatalities happening in Lawrenceville due to car accidents and there are definitely thousands who are injured. But, what is more concerning about these statistics is that all of these personal injuries such as wrongful death, disability, and pain could have been easily avoided with a little more discipline from the drivers. According to car accident records in Lawrenceville, about a third of the total car accidents have been directly caused by drunk driving.

Georgia’s CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported that more than 5,000 people every year who die in car accidents, which are caused by distracted or unfocused driving. Moreover, about 500,000 people are injured in those accidents.

These figures can only mean one thing – a lot of those who got injured due to car accidents were rooted from negligent drivers who cares very little to traffic laws, focused driving, or being a sober driver. It would just then be fair for the victims to be compensated justly because of these careless drivers. They should be held accountable for their irresponsibility.

According to car accident statistics in Lawrenceville, the most common causes of car accidents would include:
Driving with Unsafe Distances

These drivers drive too closely to other vehicles in front or at the back of their own vehicle.
Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining the vehicle is the responsibility of its owner. Poor vehicle maintenance will be a huge factor in contributing to car accidents in Lawrenceville.
Unfocused Driving

This is driving while being distracted. Some examples of these would include reading or texting while driving. Sometimes unfocused driving can also be caused by the simple act of reaching to the car floor for something that fell. Divided attention will definitely lead to disaster, as driving would require your 100% attention so you will arrive safely at your destination and also so, you will not trouble other drivers on the road.
Violations of Speed Limit

There are also other drivers who do not pay attention to the speed limit signs posted on the roads. These speed limit signs are posted there for a reason and violating them may just cause personal injuries or car accidents.

If you are a victim of a car accident in Lawrenceville, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from Our Lawrenceville accident lawyers who specialize in car accident cases.

Our Lawrenceville personal injury attorney will fight for you. Give us a call today.