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Nursing Home Bed Sores

Nursing Home Bed Sores – Atlanta Lawyer

Georgia Lawyers – Nursing Home Bed Sores

When a family admits their senior relative to a nursing home, the family expects that the senior relative will be looked after and taken care of. However in many cases, the senior relative is often neglected. If your senior relative is suffering from bedsores after being admitted to a nursing home, he or she may be a victim of nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse does not necessarily mean actual physical harm. It includes negligence on the part of the nursing home and its employees to take proper care of an elder resident.

Most old people are bedridden. Anyone who is bedridden for a long time is likely to suffer from bedsores: the skin, at points of pressure—for instance, on a buttock—becomes red and weakened and breaks down. If this abrasion is not cared for, a decubitus ulcer develops. In nursing homes, good care prevents the development of bedsores by turning the patient from one side to the other every two hours, even during the night, to avoid persistent pressure on one spot. “Sheepskins,” which may or may not be genuine sheepskin but have a similar soft fluffy surface, are also helpful, as is an alternating pressure mattress placed over the regular mattress. Also, there must be neither wrinkles nor bumps in the sheets or in the layers beneath, and frequent checks are needed to make sure that none have developed. These measures prevent the concentration of pressure on one spot. A given treatment for prevention of decubitus ulcers, or the skin abrasions that lead to them, may work with some patients, not with others. Alert observation is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of any of the familiar aids— alternating-pressure mattress, flotation pad, sheepskins.

If your senior relative has suffered from bedsore after being admitted to a nursing home, contact a Georgia nursing home bed sore attorney. You must prove that the bedsores were caused by negligence on the part of the nursing home or the nursing home staff. This is easier said than done. If one says that patients’ bedsores are caused by not turning patients routinely and frequently, the truth or falsity of that statement depends on the state of affairs of turning or not turning patients, that is, on relevant evidence, preferably through appropriate studies showing that patients who are turned periodically and often have fewer bed sores than those who are not turned often.

Most nursing homes are cutting down on the number of employees. As a result, it is not possible for the nursing homes to provide proper care to all of its residents. Profits is perhaps the only motive for most nursing homes. The management is least interested in caring for the residents. Most elder residents are often scared to speak about nursing home negligence to their family member. They fear that the nursing home staff will harm them for informing their families about the negligence. If you notice any signs of bedsores on your senior relative who is a resident of a nursing home, you should immediately contact an experienced Georgia nursing home bed sores attorney.