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Personal Injury Checklist: What is it?

A personal injury checklist is something needed to keep everything organized and well managed. Since there are a lot of information and requirements needed when filing a claim, it is important to keep everything noted down to ensure that nothing is missed. This personal injury checklist has all of the important documents and data that may be needed or used when filing for a legal claim or personal injury lawsuit. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you in developing one.

An effective personal injury checklist should be further organized into two divisions. The first division should include all of the important information that may be needed from the personal injury victim while the second division should include a list of the possible required documents that will be needed. An example of these divisions is as follows:

Division I: Important Information

Some important information may be asked from you when filing a personal injury lawsuit thus, it would be better to have everything gathered and organized. You may be asked about:

  • The contact information of the entity, person, or  company that initiated your injury.
  • The contact information of the other people who may be involved in the incident.
  • The location and date as well as the circumstances of the incident.
  • The contact information of the witnesses including their names.
  • The contact information such as the address, contact number, or name of the hospital you went into right after the accident or injury.
  • The contact information on the health care providers who examined or treated you.
  • Any data or information related to the insurance  policies.
  • The dates that you have missed in your work period because of the accident or the injury.
  • Any other important information, data, or statistics, which you may deem useful or necessary for the claim.

Division II: Required Documents

  • Accident reports related to the incident
  • Police report relating to the incident
  • Written statements from the victim and the offender’s parties as well as from the witnesses
  • Policies about the medical coverage
  • Medical bills including but is not limited to hospital bills, physician bills, receipts from the pharmaceutical store, and the likes
  • Statements about insurance policy
  • Work benefit policies or other necessary policies
  • Expense receipts relating to the accident or injury as well as damaged properties
  • If you have lost wages because of the incident pay stubs may also be required
  • Photos or videos of the injury / accident or the scene of the accident right after the event

Remember to make several copies of the information and documents that you will be preparing. Also, ensure that the information you will be given are all verified true and correct. It would also come in handy if you can note down the account of the personal injury incident so you may use it as your record if needed.